icon9Automatic savings
over 12 months

Interest rate

icon11Access to a reduced
loan interest rate

Product features

  • Minimum operating balance of Frw 15,000. Saving account in rwandan francs which can not be opened if client doesn’t have a current account already opened
  • Earning interest per year : 6%
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • Duration : The account has a duration of 1 year which is renewed imediatry if no addition information received from client
  • Type of financial assets : Saving in order to get loan at low rate(-2% to current bank base rate)
  • Compulsory insurance: No insurance is required for the saving but for the loan life insurance and fire if a collateral is given
  • Souscription Age: 18 years old with a maximum age of 55 years


Eligibility conditions

  • Being a salaried man or woman aged 18 years old as minimum and 55 years as maximum
  • Accept to sign contract for UMUHIGO saving account
  • Complying with KYC
I desire to contnue

Documents required

  • Copy of valid national Identity card for the signatory
  • Copy of valid passport for foreigner
  • Current passport photo
  • Signing account opening form for individual and UMUHIGO saving account contract
  • Minimum operating balance of Frw 15,000 and sign a permanent order for amount to be transferred from current account to UMUHIGO saving account and give a copy of salary certificate
  • Signing perment transfer for a period of 12 months.

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