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Product features

  • Minimum operating balance: The client must have a current account and the same amount for the account to be operate should be on the account(Frw 1,000; USD1.77; Euro1)
  • Monthly fees: Frw 1,000 and equivalent in foreign currency
  • Duration : The service has no expiration date, client keep it till he/she decide to close it
  • Type of financial assets : Daily expenses and savings management
  • Compulsory insurance: No insurance is required
  • Souscription Age: 18 years old


Eligibility conditions

  • Being a man or woman aged 18 years old as minimum
  • Holding a current account and accept to pay charges associated to that service
  • Signing E-banking application form and choose internet banking and accept to log in using URL
I desire to contnue

Documents required

  • Register for BANK OF AFRICA – RWANDA internet banking and accept the username and password to be changed by the account hold
  • Acquire a Token(One time password provided by BANK OF AFRICA – RWANDA
  • Fill out and sign E-banking application form and choose the option of internet banking
  • Hold a current account

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