icon9A single & low payment

icon10Favorable rate
for overdraft

icon11Free 1-year
mutual health insurance

Product features

NYURWA Pack offers you these 8 products and benefits with just an affordable fixed amount every month:

  1. Current account with no monthly maintenance fee
  2. 1 FREE Cheque book provided once a year
  3. Saving account
  4. Free VISA BLUE Card with no annual fee added and 2 FREE ATM withdrawals per month
  5. Mobile Banking with no monthly fee
  6. Internet Banking with no monthly fee
  7. Overdraft authorization up to half of monthly income available upon request at the interest rate of bank’s standard rate -1%
  8. 1-year Mutual Health Insurance

Monthly Price

NYURWA pack has a monthly fixed charge of 2,500 FRW


Eligibility conditions

  1. Being a man or woman aged 18 years old and above
  2. Earning a regular monthly income up to 500,000 FRW
  3. Accepting to complete the pack’s opening form for individuals
  4. Complying with KYC
I desire to contnue

Documents required

  1. Copy of national Identity Card
  2. Copy of valid passport for foreigner
  3. Current passport photo
  4. Filling and signing pack form

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