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Product features

  • A current account to all individuals aims to facilitate the accessibility of banking services using visa card, mobile banking , push and pull or internet banking. It is only open in FRW. Produit designated for individuals coming in group of at list 10 people from the same institution as minimum.
  • Minimum operating balance: Free
  • Remunerated rate: No remunaration
  • Monthly maintenance fees: Free
  • Closing fees: 10 000 Frw
  • Duration: The account has no expiration date, you keep it until you decide to close it
  • Type of financial assets: Daily spending and savings management
  • Mandatory insurance: No insurance is required
  • Subscription age: The same age as the same that is required for the current account(18 years old as minimum)


Eligibility conditions

  • Private and public employees earning FRW 300,000 and less
  • Accept to fill out the form to open that account
  • Being a cooperative members coming in group of at list 10 people for opening account
  • Self employed
  • Individual in informal sectors
  • Accept and be able to pay charges assiciated to that product
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Documents required

  • Provide 1 current Passport size color photograph of account holder and another signatory if any
  • Provide ID copy/Passport of account holder and another signatory if any
  • Complete and signs an Individual account opening form
  • VISA Card and other e-business products application form completed and signed

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