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Product features

  • A cross-border payment solution that does not require any SWIFT transfer and that contributes to the growth of transaction volumes as well as fees and commissions.
  • Minimum transfer amount: No minimum transfer amount
  • Maximum transfer amount per day: 200,000Usd or equivalent in local currency Price: a fee of 10 USD or equivalent in local currency to be paid by the sender
  • Monthly maintenance fees: to be charged to the current account
  • Closing fees: 10 000 Frw for the current account and equivalent in foreign currency
  • Duration: The service is backet to current account which has no expiration date, you keep it until you decide to close it
  • Type of financial assets: Daily spending
  • Mandatory insurance: No insurance is required
  • Subscription age: The same age as the same that is required for the current account(18 years old as minimum)


Eligibility conditions

  • Being an existing BOA-clients in Rwanda or Tanzania and comply with required KYC
  • Being Retail in all categories, SME or Corporate
  • BOA-Rwanda/Tanzania to be registered in BOA Web and BOA-internet banking
  • Accept cross board limit which is less or equal to USD 200,000 and equivalent in other currencies
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Documents required

  • Holding a current account
  • Completed transfer form
  • Providing supporting documents for the transfer raison

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