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Western Union

BANK OF AFRICA in Rwanda is in partnership with Kigali / WESTERN UNION, offering money transfer services that are safe, fast and convenient. Through our branches customers can easily send and receive their money as long as they meet the requirements.


When sending money, the customer needs to have: 

Any ID issued by Government i.e.  ID card, passport, driving licence. (For foreigners we accept only a valid passport with the valid Visa) 

Supporting document & copy of receiver’s ID in case the principal amount is more than USD 100  When receiving money, the customer needs to have: 

  • The correct Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) 
  • The full name and current/permanent address in Rwanda
  • The full name of the sender
  • The originating country of the transaction
  • Any ID issued by Government i.e. ID card, passport, driving licence. (For foreigners we accept only a valid passport with the valid visa) 
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There is no charge for receiving money but when a customer wants to send money, the charge/fee will be calculated automatically by the Western Union system.

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