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Asset Finance

A facility aimed at supporting a customer to acquire assets to support businesses growth. The customer must be ready / or not to finance part of the transaction and the asset financed must be related to the business.


  • Financing of up to 100% of asset value 
  • Tenor – 5 years


  • Copy of a Certificate of Incorporation for companies’ owners / directors 
  • Copy of a Certificate of Reg. & Extract from Registrar – incase of registered business / partnership 
  • Proforma invoice and/or valuation report 
  • All shipping documents to be consigned directly to the bank 
  • Assets registration documents to be retained by the bank 
  • Proof of reasonable demand for the goods/established operation 
  • Additional documents and information may be required if deemed necessary 
  • Collateral – legal mortgage / debenture, asset that is being financed Fire insurance Credit protection insurance


  • Enables customer to acquire assets when required 
  • Easy flexible installment payments and flexible payment periods 
  • Enables customer to use the assets to generate cash flow for purchases 
  • Enables a customer to improve the customers’ business and increase productivity.


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